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Triton Economy Server
Owner Bloxstantine
Status offline
IP econtriton.mchost.pro
Players 0/0
Version 1.13.2
Rank 21
Votes 0
Uptime -100%
Last Check 11 month(s) ago
Country Canada
Types EconomyFactionsTownySurvivalVanilla

Welcome to Triton! A government run minecraft server - sounds messed, but good in the long run. Minecraft Survival, but with laws, and a council to be voted in and decide things. We have a currency called Tbux, it can be used to buy things in a capitalist society, we try not to have politics play too much of a role to ensure your enjoyment of the server. Our Capital is Bloxtown VIII. We allow other countries to be made by giving up a portion of our own land. There are currently 3 districts: Bloxtown VIII, Tritonian Wing Region, Tritonian Infinity.